Written for the Bosnian massacre at the time, but can be applied anywhere:

The crime of our time has now been committed,
While all the Muslim nation just stay submitted.
Babies are killed before they're even born,
Muslims being slaughtered from dusk to dawn.
The news made tears fall from my eye,
As innocent women scream, and the children cry.
Muslim men murdered, sisters are raped,
From this death sentence, who will escape?
Imams killed, mosques demolished,
The Serbs now get their bravery medals polished.
Walls covered in blood like some cheap paint,
To get rid of a Muslim nation without hardly a complaint.
So many Muslim corpses all over the world are spread,
We will all want to die and join the dead.
Worth more than the Kaaba is a Muslim's drop of blood,
But we didn't see a drop - yeah, we saw a flood!

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India, Pakistan - we made some quite serious mistakes...We were complacent with what happened in Kashmir, the boundaries weren't published until two days after independence. Bad story for us, the consequences are still there... [In Afghanistan] we played less than a glorious role over a century and a half... The odd lines for Iraq's borders were drawn by Brits... The Balfour declaration and the contradictory assurances which were being given to Palestinians in private at the same time as they were being given to the Israelis - again an interesting story for us but not an entirely honourable one.
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