For centuries the "Western world" has been consipiring against Islam, distorting and lying about any aspect of it you can think of. At present, nothing has really changed, targetas the conspiring and lies still continue with as much ferocity, if not more, as the Crusades. Seemingly, amongst their aims is to make Islam appear so unsavoury, that no one would dream of becoming a Muslim. Everyday the media portrays some news about Islam in a negative light. The general ethos prevailing at the moment is that Islam is backward, oppressive, knows nothing but terrorism and has never been, and can ever be, of benefit to the world.

It seems now that maybe fear and/or sheer desperation has set in with their attempts to destroy Islam, such that they are employing "false flag" operations in their efforts. This surely is beyond the pale, and evil to even consider this, never mind executing it. Is this the measure of a civilisation that constantly has to create a "bogey man" in order to divert attention away from the corruption of it's own ideological system?

Not surprisingly, false flag operations were conceived against the Communist states when the bogey man was Communism. Operation Northwoods, proposed by the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff for President John F. Kennedy, lays testiment to this. Part of the false flag operation in this case was to blow up a JFKremote controlled plane, supposedy filled with American students, over Cuba and then blame it on the Cubans themselves. This sounds ridiculously familiar. The American people back then were made to feel paranoid of "The Red under your bed", and they feared nuclear annilation from mythical warheads launched from space by the USSR, who at the time were ahead of the USA in the space race. After the demise of Communism and the proclaimation of the "New World Order", Islam inherited the accolade of the "bogey man". This was promptly adapted in Hollywood movies where the new bad guys and terrorists were often Muslims.

As Muslims, we should not be surprised by their stance  towards Islam, and we see as much hatred coming from the Communists as well as the Capitalists, but each with their own style. The Creator warns us about their planning and scheming in The Qur'an, and also warns us that they will never be pleased with you (The Muslims) until you follow their way:
"The Jews will never be pleased with you, nor will the Christians, unless you follow their faith. Say: “Guidance of Allah is, indeed, the guidance.” Were you to follow their desires despite the knowledge that has come to you, there shall be no friend for you against Allah, nor a helper. "
[Surah Al-Baqara:120]tree

Below we list 'how to destroy Islam', for the benefit of the non-Muslims (you're welcome). The list itself contains only 1 item, which is  based on a challenge issued by The Creator in The Qur'an itself.

We also list numerous ways of 'how NOT to destroy Islam'. These are all the attempts that have been observed and witnessed throughout time that have been made to distort, perverse, ridicule and corrupt Islam, and also to cause harm to Muslims and further divide them. Unsurprisingly, there are dozens of websites that are talking about destroying Islam (for real), even talks of bombing Mecca - I kid you not, check video below:

Why spend so much time, effort  and money on these futile attempts, when Islam can so easliy be destroyed by overcoming the challenge as posed in The Qur'an? Surely destroying the root of the tree would kill the whole tree, instead of just cutting off the leaves and branches. Why not take the "easy" option, and thus rid the world of Islam, a.k.a public enemy #1?

After 9/11, it has become evident that the civilized world must confront and fight Islam. Islam is the cancer and not necessarily people who follow it. We must fight it, contain it, or better yet, eradicate it.
[source: Jerusalem Post, May 2002]

How NOT to destroy Islam:

  1.     killing Muslims
  2.     killing pregnant Muslim women
  3.     ridiculing Muslims
  4.     raping Muslim women
  5.     raping Muslim children and babies
  6.     tellings lies about Muslims
  7.     telling lies about Islam
  8.     telling lies about Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
  9.     telling lies about the companions of The Prophet (pbuh)
  10.     executing false flag operations and then blaming them on Muslims
  11.     creating wars in Muslim countries
  12.     burning The Qur'an
  13.     creating cartoons of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
  14.     physically abusing Muslim women
  15.     verbally abusing Muslim women
  16.     pulling off Muslim women's scarves
  17.     creating "pseudo" Islamic states
  18.     deploying spies who pretend to be Muslims
  19.     recruiting Muslims to spy on other Muslims and Muslim communities
  20.     trying to change The Qur'an's content
  21.     misinterpreting The Qur'an
  22.     quoting verses of The Qur'an out of context
  23.     creating and distributing phoney Qur'ans
  24.     creating false Hadiths
  25.     trying to convince Muslims that Islam is compatible with democracy
  26.     distorting Islamic history
  27.     covering up Islamic history
  28.     claiming Islamic scientific discoveries as your own
  29.     adopting ideas from Islam and not acknowledging the author or source
  30.     creating "Islamic republics"
  31.     installing dictators in Muslim countries
  32.     installing monarchies in Muslim countries
  33.     trying to implement democracy in Muslim countries
  34.     portraying Islam as only a religion
  35.     portraying Islam as a theocracy
  36.     portraying Islam as an "evil ideology"
  37.     creating a bogus "invisible enemy" to the West
  38.     creating bogus Islamic groups
  39.     creating more borders and countries between Muslims to further fragment them
  40.     promoting sectarianism amongst Muslims
  41.     implementing western dominated curriculums in schools in Muslim countries
  42.     portraying Muslims as the 'bad guys' or the terrorists in films and TV dramas
  43.     stealing the ummah's (i.e. all the Muslims) wealth
  44.     trying to reform Islam
  45.     torturing Muslims
  46.     bombing Mecca (as proposed by some think tanks and individuals)
  47.     imprisoning Muslims on false pretences and without trial
  48.     incite hatred towards Muslims and Islam

How to destroy Islam:

  1.     beat the challenge as issued in The Qur'an, which is to produce a surah in Arabic equivalent to that of any surah in the Qur'an. The shortest surah is only 3 lines long, so the challenge is to produce a surah of 3 lines minimum. Seem simple enough? What could be more straight forward? What are you waiting for?

Islam has enough enemies whose best interests would be served if this challenge was beaten. For over 1400 Qur'anyears mankind has not been able to beat this challenge, even though we know what is required and what the "ingredients" are (i.e. there's no secret recipe here). If the claims that "The Qur'an was written by man" are true, then without doubt someone should be able to reproduce the whole book, never mind just a surah.

The challenge is to achieve this in the Arabic language, and there are millions of people in the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, whose mother tongue is Arabic. Some non-Muslims are experts in the high quality style Arabic as what's in The Qur'an (e.g. The Coptic Christains in Egypt), so they would be in a good position to take on and beat the challenge. They themselves acknowledge that they understand and appreciate the challenge but are unable to beat it.

All this has a direct correlation to the promise issued by The Creator to protect The Qur'an and make it impossible for mankind to ever again change and distort a revealed book, like the previous ones (i.e. The Torah and The Injeel). The fact that Muslims can memorise the whole of The Qur'an lays testiment to this. We see no other book on Earth (of a similar size) where memorisation of it has been achieved.

Thus it seems the challenge is impossible to surpass, but if you are confident Mount Everissor arrogant enough then why not give it a go? If you yourself cannot do it, then seek out the experts. Climbing Mount Everist blindfolded without any safety equipment might be an easier challenge.

The challenge as quoted in The Qur'an:

"If you are in doubt about what We have revealed to Our servant, then bring a Surah similar to this, and do call your supporters other than Allah, if you are true."
[Surah Al-Baqara:23]

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