How to destroy Islam

For centuries the "Western world" has been consipiring against Islam, distorting and lying about any aspect of it you can think of. At present, nothing has really changed, targetas the conspiring and lies still continue with as much ferocity, if not more, as the Crusades. Seemingly, amongst their aims is to make Islam appear so unsavoury, that no one would dream of becoming a Muslim. Everyday the media portrays some news about Islam in a negative light. The general ethos prevailing at the moment is that Islam is backward, oppressive, knows nothing but terrorism and has never been, and can ever be, of benefit to the world.

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The need for role models

´╗┐When I was a child, I looked towards my father for acceptance, I looked to him for approval, he was my hero, and everything I did was to be like him. As I grew older I turned to him for advice and council, as his opinion was the familymost important for me, he was my role model in life, I copied him and tried to be just like him.

My father always taught me to be upright, just, kind and honest. My father taught me a host of things, but my father wasn't the only person who inspired me. At school I looked towards a special teacher and further along in my life I met people who I can truly say became brothers to me.

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Memories distort geography

I look at this world and wonder how it would be in the future, I also look at this world and sometimes wonder how it would have been. In the past year or so I see Sudan split into two, I worldmaphear voices of dissent as fears of Syria being carved up are discussed, or Iraq, Yemen or Mali, of more and more lands in Al Quds being lost to the ever enlarging Israeli state. What this indicates is that in the past few years the world has changed, more boundaries have been drawn, more nations have been created, more people attempting to redefine themselves on who they are. And as the world changes our memories become ever more significant of what the world was like.

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American-Jewish young man arrested in Jerusalem

American Jewish boy roughly man handled and arrested in Jerusalem for sticking up for the Palestinians during Jewish march.

Police violently arresting a Jewish teenager in Jerusalem for speaking the truth and charged him for "attacking and biting a police officer" !!! For one American Jewish teenager, this year's Jerusalem Day earlier this month turned out to be an event not to remember, as he was detained for two days on suspicion of attacking and biting a police officer.

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