How Muslim women are treated in UK

If the general ethos about Muslims and Islam are negative, how would the general public react if a Muslim woman was being bullied in public? This experiment was carried out in UK and results showed a small percentage of people would help, but the majority do not care because the victim is a Muslim.

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How Muslims Are Treated In America

With such bad publicity that Islam receives in the media, how do Muslims cope living in the West? Here's an insight into the discrimination Muslims face everyday, from some non-Muslims who happen to be bigots.

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Why is Assad still in power?

Government forces are still killing innocent civilians and the UN security council seems to be helpless in doing questionanything, as well as the western world, or so it may seem. The question we must ask is why is the international community is not doing anything to oust Bashar Al Assad, and why is he being given so much time after witnessing so much bloodshed by his regime? This is even more apparent especially after we saw how the international community intervened in the other nations of the Arab Spring. So why are they taking so much time with Syria?

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Our strategic and security interests throughout the world will be best safeguarded by the establishment in suitable spots of 'Police Stations', fully equipped to deal with emergencies within a large radius. Kuwait is one such spot from which Iraq, South Persia, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf could be controlled. It will be worthwhile to go to considerable trouble and expense to establish and man a 'Police Station' there.
British Foreign Office, policy memo, 1947